What are WhatsApp Message Templates , Types, What Can They Bring To Your Business & 17 Examples


The remarkable success rate of WhatsApp is demonstrated in its open rate of 98% compared to Email & SMS’s 20%. It is even more impressive when taking into account its conversion rate of 45-60%, far exceeding the 2-5% of Email & SMS. These figures truly demonstrate the impact of WhatsApp as a highly effective communication platform. More and more brands are recognizing the value of having conversations with customers through WhatsApp. Statistically, over 175 million people are messaging a business account daily, and the use of WhatsApp message templates is helping to drive conversions.



What are WhatsApp message templates?

WhatsApp message templates are a convenient means of communicating with customers who have opted-in to receive messages from you. These templates provide a quick and easy way to send predefined messages without having to retype them for each customer interaction.

WhatsApp Business API allows for the use of pre-approved, specific message formats to be sent to customers who have not recently interacted with your business number in the past 24 hours.

Message templates in WhatsApp make use of placeholders to personalize content in correspondence with user data. Through leveraging message templates, businesses have the capability to distribute notifications, shipping data, payment notifications, appointment reminders, customer support messages, and so on.

WhatsApp messages are carefully evaluated and authorized by WhatsApp within 48 hours, though the process is usually completed within a few minutes. Once approved, you can proceed to send the template to your existing and potential customers.

17 WhatsApp Business Message Templates to Copy

Having pre-approved message templates can help make sure your business campaigns reach their desired goals. Here are some examples that can be used for most business use cases. Simply add your company name and details where indicated and you are ready to go!

Transactional WhatsApp message template

Transactional WhatsApp messaging requires pre-approved templates in order to deliver triggered messages. Establishing these templates is essential for businesses that wish to utilize WhatsApp for transactional messaging including a Welcome message, Account activation message, Order confirmation, Appointment update, Support update, Shipping update, Payment update, Feedback request, and Cancellation message. Additionally, consider implementing an auto-reply function for further convenience.



In order to utilize WhatsApp for transactional messaging, you can start with these templates:

1. Welcome Messages

We are delighted to extend a warm greeting to you from our business [Business Name]. We offer the best services for you [List Services] Feel free to contact [Contact Number] for further information.

2. Product announcement

Upon signing up for a company’s product or services, users receive a welcoming message to ensure a smooth onboarding experience.

Greetings [name],
We are delighted to announce that [Product or service] is now a part of the [company] family. You might have a question in mind – what is [Product]? It is a [short description of a product] that stands out from other solutions on the market. We are confident that our [Product] will exceed your expectations.
Discover the full power of our [product/service] by testing it out for yourself. Click {{CTA button}} to get started!

3. Promotional messages

Greetings {{customer_name}}! Summer is right around the corner, and we’ve got you covered! Shop our new collection today and get a 25% discount. Don’t miss out – this offer is only available until Sunday. Visit the link below to get started: {{short_link}}
Take advantage of our exclusive offer! Get {{DISCOUNT}}% off until {{TIME}} with discount code {{CODE}}. Our offer is only valid online at [COMPANY], so don’t wait – take advantage now at {{[URL}}.

4. Order updates

Dear {{1}},
Thank you for confirming your order ({{2}}). We are delighted to inform you that your order is now being processed and shall be dispatched within the next 3-5 business days. For further information on the estimated delivery time, please click the link provided (TRACKING LINK). You can also track the shipment of your order by clicking the button below.
We look forward to providing you with a satisfactory shopping experience.
Thank you.

5. Alerts

Dear [Name],
We are thrilled to let you know that your [Product name] will be arriving soon! We believe that you would love to purchase [2nd product name] with [Product name] too, and therefore we have a special offer for you. Use the code [Code] at the time of checkout to avail an instant discount of [Discount]. We invite you to grab the offer and enjoy your purchase.
Buy Now!

6. Appointment Reminders

Greetings {{First Name}},
This is a reminder for your scheduled appointment on {{Date}} at {{Time}} with {{Staff Name}} of (Business Name). Please reply with ‘C’ to confirm your appointment. We look forward to seeing you soon!
(Business Name)

7. Cart Abandonment Text

Dear {Name},
We observed that you have not completed your order for {{product}}. If you have any inquiries or require assistance, please do not hesitate to let us know. We are always available to offer assistance.
Thank you.

8. Order Feedback

Dear {{1}},
Thank you for placing an order with us. Your order, number {{2}}, has been successfully delivered. We hope you are satisfied with the product. Please visit <Link> to provide a review or any feedback you may have regarding the product.
Thank you,
[Company Name]

9. Payment updates

Dear {{Customer_Name}},
This is {{Name}} from {{Restaurant_Name}}. Thank you for making a reservation with us for {{Day, Time}}. To confirm your reservation, please respond to this message with the word “CONFIRM”. Alternatively, if you need to cancel your reservation, please respond with the word “CANCEL”. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to give us a call.
We look forward to seeing you soon.
Best regards,

10. Shipping updates

Greetings! We are pleased to inform you that your order from {shop_name} is on its way and should be arriving shortly. For more information, please visit {shipping_status}. Should you have any inquiries, do not hesitate to contact us.



Promotional WhatsApp message templates

WhatsApp has recently allowed the use of promotional messages for non-transactional notifications. You can get access to these messages through a partner such as Sendinblue. WhatsApp templates can be effectively utilized for promotional purposes, including but not limited to introducing new products, announcing sales, running contests, soliciting feedback, cross-selling or replenishing items, sending newsletters, and extending loyalty program invitations.

Here are some of the best ways to leverage WhatsApp template messages for promotional purposes.

New product alert

Announce the arrival of a new product or feature with a WhatsApp broadcast. For example:
We are pleased to announce that <Product name> is now available! Take advantage of this limited-time offer and save 30% by using the code <Discount code>. Place your order now at <Link> to redeem the discount before the day ends.


Sale start announcement

You can take advantage of the WhatsApp feature for seasonal sales and limited-time offers! Utilize WhatsApp to spread the word and ensure your customers are informed. Here is a suggested message to serve as an announcement for the start of the sale.
Don’t miss out! Secure up to 50% off on our top-selling <Product category> items before the sale ends on August 31. Explore our exclusive deals now and take advantage of this limited-time offer. Click to view the offers!

Feedback request

We previously included this message as part of a series of transactional notifications when applicable. However, if you wish to conduct a comprehensive customer satisfaction survey, we recommend creating a promotional WhatsApp campaign.


Greetings {{1}}! We value the feedback of our customers to ensure that our services are meeting your expectations. We invite you to take two minutes of your time to fill out this survey: <Link> and share your opinion. Your insight will help us to continue providing the best experience possible. If you have any additional comments, please submit them here. Thank you!


Cross-sell & replenishment message

By leveraging timely cross-sell and replenishment notifications, businesses can capitalize on revenue opportunities. Determining the optimal time and channel to reach existing customers with appropriate offers can help drive repeat purchases. WhatsApp advertising offers a cost-effective and successful way to reach consumers, with high open rate potential.

Greetings {{1}},
We noticed that you are running low on <Product name>. Don’t miss out on the chance to replenish your stock and take advantage of our 20% off offer with the <Discount code> code. Place your order now!



Do you need a convenient way to promote content? Consider using WhatsApp broadcasts or newsletters to send out mass messages.
Need help dealing with <Issue>, we’re here to help. Here’s an outline of 4 effective steps to help you address the problem:
✅ Step 1: <Step 1>
✅ Step 2: <Step 2>
✅ Step 3: <Step 3>
✅ Step 4: <Step 4>
For a more detailed guide, please visit <Link>. Take the steps to overcome <Issue> today!


Loyalty programs

Loyalty programs offer customers the opportunity to refer friends and win prizes. WhatsApp is an ideal platform for this initiative, as messages can be quickly and easily shared with others. WhatsApp messaging template will help bring in existing and new customers.


Greetings {{1}}! We are truly appreciative of your unwavering commitment to <Company name> and would like to show our gratitude with a $100 bonus for each friend you refer to us!

Find out more about our loyalty program and take advantage of this exciting opportunity by clicking the link below.


Guidelines to follow while using WhatsApp message templates

Prior to submitting a WhatsApp message template for review, it is important to ensure proper spelling and grammar. Any messages containing grammatical errors may be flagged as spam.

Placeholders should be added to the template using double curly brackets and text should be added before or after the placeholder.
When constructing Call-to-Action (CTA) statements, refrain from using emojis.

The language chosen for the template should be consistent with the language used for the content.

The domain used for the URLs should belong to the business. Additionally, URL shorteners (e.g., Bit.ly, TinyUrl) should not be utilized.

Lastly, take care to ensure no double spaces are present.

Best practices to follow while creating WhatsApp Message Templates

1. Politeness

It is essential to be polite when engaging with customers, as it can greatly contribute to the customer experience.

2. Aesthetic

Adding various styles to templates can create visual focus and enhance the overall aesthetic.

3. Ensure correct formatting

Ensure the formatting of your message is accurate to ensure WhatsApp will recognize it.

4. Add Calls To Action

Incorporate Calls To Action (CTAs) and quick reply buttons to optimize engagement and maximize potential conversions.

5. Personalize your messages

Personalize your messages, add emojis and give them a human touch in order to ensure it resonates with your customers and captures their attention.

How to send WhatsApp Template Messages?

To send WhatsApp Template Messages, businesses need to use a WhatsApp Business API-based platform. This type of platform simplifies the creation of approved Template Messages, with approval times ranging from 10 minutes to 6 hours. For more information on creating and obtaining WhatsApp Business Message Templates, please visit the relevant documentation.


How to customize your WhatsApp messages?

Customize your WhatsApp messages by replacing the placeholder information in the available templates with that of your company. Paste the modified templates into the Sendinblue editor to complete your campaign.

To further personalize your content, incorporate dynamic variables by using a double brace notation system – {{#}}. It is recommended that you begin numbering your variables at {{1}}.

What are the costs associated with WhatsApp message templates?

WhatsApp has transitioned from user-based pricing to conversation-based pricing and is offering 1000 free conversations a month to promote the use of messaging for businesses.

Businesses that seek to use WhatsApp to broaden their reach are eligible for up to 1000 free conversations per month to optimize their messaging. After this trial period, fees are based on the applicable rate card for the region in which their campaigns are active.



Are there limitations on the number of template messages an account can store?

Yes, each WhatsApp Business account is able to store up to 250 message templates. Keep in mind that each template can be translated into multiple languages, but would still be counted as a single template.

‍Can you edit the WhatsApp message templates after being reviewed?

Once a template message has been reviewed, it is not possible to edit it. If any changes are desired, create a new template and submit it for review after all alterations have been made.


What types of media are supported in WhatsApp message templates?

Options include text, image, file, and video.

Is it possible to send WhatsApp message templates to anyone?

Yes, you can make use of a WhatsApp chatbot to send message templates to any user, regardless of their prior interaction with the associated WhatsApp Business number.


Does WhatsApp approve all message templates?

WhatsApp typically reviews message templates within 48 hours and grants approval if they comply with set guidelines. In case when approval is not granted, an explanation will be provided and the template can be amended and submitted again for approval.


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