3 Difference Between Helpdesk Call Center & a Standard Call Center

What is a Help Desk Call Center?


The Help Desk Call Center is a department within an organization that provides customers, employees, and end-users with information and support regarding the company’s products and services. This department serves multiple purposes for different individuals but has a consistent purpose for all. For instance, you may have visited a store’s help desk to return an item or inquire about any discounts or offers. Additionally, you may recall visiting the IT help desk department in your office when you were unable to connect your laptop to the office printer.




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It is increasingly common now for help desk or customer service teams to utilize help desk software in order to optimize internal collaboration, streamline support processes, and deliver superior customer satisfaction through expedited resolutions.

Popular Help Desk Call Center Features or Traits

The help desk industry has experienced significant advancements in the last few years. Initially, there were only a limited number of channels available; however, help desk professionals now have access to more efficient and effective channels, such as live chat and social media. The following are some of the primary attributes of up-to-date help desks:





1. Acts as a Single Point of Contact (SPOC)

The Help Desk serves as a centralized hub of communication for both internal stakeholders and external customers alike. By providing a single point of contact, users are able to quickly and easily access the necessary support they require, regardless of the product or service being requested. Additionally, assistance is available through various channels, such as telephone, email, chat, instant messaging, social media, or self-service processes.

2. Ticket Management

The help desk team utilizes a specialized ticketing system to manage customer requests and issues. This system provides real-time tracking of each ticket, enabling the team to swiftly address and resolve customer inquiries. Help desk teams strive to ensure the accuracy and orderliness of customer conversations and support tickets. This way, when customers reference prior conversations, all pertinent information can be easily accessed via the dashboard.

3. Ticket Escalations

When help desk issues cannot be resolved by personnel on the individual support level, they are escalated to higher levels of expertise. Senior agents are equipped with the necessary capabilities to address urgent and important matters. It should be emphasized that at times, agents may not possess the requisite authority to execute certain duties. For instance, they may have to receive consent to issue refunds for commodities surpassing $100 in monetary value.

4. Internal Help Desk

The internal help desk provides essential support to the staff of an organization, helping to ensure that departments function optimally, and that any issues such as system outages are addressed quickly and efficiently with minimal disruption to business processes. Employees may register their concerns with the IT Help Desk in person or utilize self-service solutions to address their issues at their own time and preference.





Difference Between Call Center and Help Desk Call Center?

The differences between a call center and a help desk can be considered substantial, yet not so drastic as that between land and sky. It is therefore not advised to overlook these differences, which can be classified into three distinct areas: the kind of queries dealt with, the capabilities of the agents, and the communication platforms used.

Types of Issues:

Customer service centers are designed to respond to straightforward customer inquiries and concerns. In addition to providing assistance for simpler matters, help desks can also provide technical support for more complex issues.


Call center agents are equipped with scripts to swiftly respond to customer inquiries and provide necessary details. Conversely, IT help desk agents must be technically proficient in order to provide effective technical support to customers, employees, and stakeholders.


Call centers are limited to telephone communication, whereas help desks can manage requests and issues from a variety of sources, including telephone, email, live chat, social media, online help portals or knowledge bases, SMS, and more.

Call Center VS Help Desk: Which One Do You Need?

The distinction between a help desk and a call center can be confusing. However, we have taken the initiative to simplify this for you.



If you desire to focus your customer support on a single channel, such as telephone, an internal or outsourced call center can be established. This will not only provide assistance to existing customers but also enable you to connect with potential customers and identify opportunities for sales.

On the other hand, a help desk can provide an ideal foundation for delivering comprehensive customer and employee experiences across multiple channels. By connecting with users on their preferred communication mediums, as well as addressing technical support issues quickly and effectively, the business can minimize the impact of these issues.


Outsourcing call center and help desk solutions can provide businesses with the ability to reduce costs, while simultaneously improving customer service and addressing technical issues with greater efficacy. In many cases, outsourcing these services can be a more cost-effective approach than handling them in-house.

It is not necessary to travel abroad in order to benefit from outsourced services; there are numerous local agencies providing this service. By outsourcing, businesses can ensure higher levels of customer and employee satisfaction due to the specialized knowledge and experience of outsourced employees.

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