Project Brief

Since 2016, we’ve been helping dentists get better quality leads at a lower cost. We’re a lead generation and digital marketing agency that focuses on the various industries dental industry.

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Organic Traffic

Main Project Points


This is a project which required targeted traffic for generating quality leads. We provided content writing services with support of low difficulty and high search volume keywords. With our hard work we have achieved a lot of backlinks from various referring domains in short period of time. We are glad that we achieved reasonable  traffic in short time.

Project Planning 98%
Keyword `Reaserch 92%
Content Creation 96%
Backlink Earning 98%

Initial Concept Planning

An Initial Concept Plan is a milestone for any business. It sets out an action plan to ensure that you are on the right track. An Initial Concept Plan allows you to identify the potential of your business and to develop the actions needed to achieve your goals.

Draft & Revisions

The most reliable Draft and Revisions service provider. We perform homework in the most effective manner. We perform detailed and focused  research on keyword finding and choosing also backlinks prospects and valuating ideal referring domains.

Final Delivery

We provide traffic generation for with our PPC Management service. was founded for people that are passionate about improving their smile and maintaining a healthy dental hygiene.

Strong Brands is a full service brand awareness company specializing in all aspects of brand awareness strategy, from product and service development, to brand definition and marketing communications planning.We are a full-service consulting firm that specializes in helping businesses develop solutions to their most pressing problems.

Excellent Results

Brand recognition is a marketing concept that refers to the process of making a product name (and the name of the business offering the product) recognizable to potential customers. In most cases, it involves purchasing and using advertising space to let potential customers know about the product and the business that sells it.