Telemarketing has often gotten a bad reputation. However, when done correctly by experienced professionals, it can be an extremely effective marketing tool. Here at Sansom Consulting, we are trusted for our excellence in outsourced inbound call center services.


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The benefits of having a 24-hour call center

With worldwide coverage, even unusual time zones are never an issue.

Allows businesses to concentrate on growing their revenues, knowing that we have their communication needs handled

By turning after-hours and weekends into complementary revenue streams, businesses can maximize their earnings potential.

For starters, customers are always able to reach a friendly, helpful voice – no matter what time of day or night it is

What is inbound call center service

Inbound service refers to the assistance provided by a company representative to a potential customer or consumer who calls the organization for inquiry, customer service, or any other issue.

Where to find the best inbound call center services

It can be difficult to find the best inbound call center service online, with so many companies offering such services. But not all of them can be trusted. Sansom Consulting Is a company that has served many companies and is therefore a trustable provider for your inbound service.

Sansomconsulting is the best in the business by offering inbound and outbound call center services around the globe. Presently, the demand for call center services has increased rapidly. To meet this demand, sansomconsulting offers high-end tech-driven call centers to outsource inbound and outbound call center requirements.
Our team of dedicated and experienced call agents provides your customers with an exceptional experience, while also delivering results-driven performance. Inbound call center solutions help companies improve productivity, efficiency, and profits by providing an effective way to manage customer interactions.

At Sansom Consulting, we understand that your communication needs are unique and require a customized approach. Our inbound call center outsourcing services are designed to be agile, flexible, and robust, providing you with a platform that can handle all of your communication needs.

In addition to dedicated and shared agent support models, our staff also provides:

Lead Verification and Qualification.

Sansom Consulting inbound call center platform includes powerful tools and analytical resources to help you capture leads that might have otherwise been missed. Our lead verification and qualification process ensures that you get the most out of your calls, helping you close more business and drive more sales. Sansom Consulting provides quick and accurate information through its inbound agents and software. This allows you to make informed decisions and take action when you need it most. Our customer-centric platform is designed with your needs in mind, so you can focus on your own business goals.

Technical Support

Inbound call center services should always include top-notch technical support, whether it’s provided by live agents or automated systems. This is especially important for software companies, whose customers often need help troubleshooting or understanding the product. Too many businesses, however, neglect this essential component of customer service. Get the answers that you need or your clients demand with Sansom Consulting’s exceptional customer technical support. With our top-trained live agents and upgraded infrastructure, we can handle any call volume, no matter how high. Sansom Consulting is the perfect inbound call center service solution for your business.

Reservation services.

When your customers are ready to learn more about your business, service or product, you need to be prepared to support them. Our reservation services will help you be there to capture their interest 24/7/365. Stay in touch with your clients with a thorough reservation service. Sansom Consulting’s live agents and automated support system reservation platform allows you to follow up with customers after they call, ensuring that you never miss an opportunity to provide excellent customer service.

Order processing.

There’s nothing more frustrating in business than missing out on golden opportunities. Your call center can be a great help when clients are ready to place an order. With Sansom Consulting’s scripting software, your systems will be supercharged to close the deal. Sansom Consulting agents and inbound call center outsourcing tools can help bring a polished, professional element to your order processing call center activity, regardless of your specific industry or business 24/7/365!

Direct response and media support.

Inbound call center services from Sansom Consulting include both direct response and media support for businesses that need to be able to handle spikes in call volume. Our direct response and media support services are seamlessly integrated with Sansom Consulting powerful, sales-friendly lead qualification tools, making your inbound call center not just a point of contact for customers, but a valuable marketing resource as well!

Overflow and after-hours support.

If you’re finding that a 40-hour work week is not enough time to get everything done, our inbound call center services can help by working overtime – anytime you need us. We’ll make sure you don’t fall behind, and can even provide additional products and services to improve your call center inbound capability. Sansom Consulting’s live agents can help you manage an exceptionally busy sales period. With Sansom Consulting’s multi-industry call center expertise, you can rely on us whenever you need it – even when your schedule won’t allow it!

Help desk services

Sansom Consulting’s help desk services are designed to provide you with the assistance you need, whether it is on-hand technical assistance or automated support. This separates Sansom Consulting’s inbound service from the competition and ensures that your clients always receive the timely support they need. Sansom Consulting helps you stay ahead of current demand and provides the flexibility and scalability to accommodate additional clients. Our inbound call center services act as your virtual receptionist, providing the coverage you need.

Advantages of having inbound call center service:

An inbound call center service can provide your business with a number of advantages, from improved bottom line results to increased customer satisfaction. By freeing up your staff to focus on your core competencies, you can see an immediate improvement in your business operations. Sansom Consulting provides inbound call center solutions that can be tailored to your specific needs, whether you require targeted enhancements or a complete system overhaul. Our experienced team will work with you to determine the best course of action to take in order to improve your call center’s performance. Contact Sansom Consulting today to learn more about how we can help you streamline your inbound call center operations.

Why select our inbound call center outsourcing solution?

First impressions matters.

Our inbound call center outsourcing solution is the perfect way to create positive first impressions with your clients. In most cases, an inbound call is the first time a customer interacts with your business. By outsourcing your inbound call center to Sansom Consulting, you can be sure that it won’t be the last. Our call center agents are highly trained and experienced in providing excellent customer service. They will be able to handle all of your inbound call needs in a professional and efficient manner. Sansom Consulting is the best way to make sure your customers are delighted with their first contact with your company. Our live, well-trained call agents will provide a personal touch that automated call systems can’t match. Plus, our affordable plans make Sansom Consulting the most practical choice for your business.

Handle high call volumes with ease.

Inbound call centers provide call agents who assist your company’s dedicated agents during peak hours or when the volume of calls is high, helping to avoid lost sales due to customers getting tired of waiting and hanging up.

 Reap the benefits of increased security and redundancy.

When you partner with Sansom Consulting, you can feel confident knowing that our cutting-edge technology and infrastructure will help to ensure reliability for your inbound call center operations. Our security and redundancy protocols exceed industry standards to ensure your system has the bandwidth and infrastructure to handle anything that comes your way.

No need for costly employee training.

Sansom Consulting offers a wide range of inbound call center services that are Professional and cost-effective. We take care of the time and cost of training our call agents so you can focus on your business. We focus on hiring people who enjoy working with customers and have the skills to provide an exceptional customer experience.

Conduct your business around the globe.

 Don’t miss out on global opportunities – conducting business by phone means you have to be available when your customers are. Our call agents work 24/7 to support your regional operations and handle customer inquiries from around the world.

Focus on your core business and consider your goals.

It is important to focus on your main business goals and leave room for growth. Adding extra responsibilities, such as managing customer calls, can take away from this progress and be detrimental to your company. It is best to outsource this type of service to a professional call center so you can stay focused on your core business.

Outsourcing your inbound call center to a professional, off-site location can help eliminate many of the common problems associated with managing calls in-house. This way, your employees can focus on growing your core business, while the call center professionals handle customer inquiries and other calls. Sansom Consulting can take care of your inbound call center services, and our business process outsourcing solutions can be tailored to your needs – today!

In addition to our robust inbound call center solutions, we also offer powerful outbound services. Inbound and outbound communication is key to ensuring your call center is running smoothly and efficiently.

For world-class inbound call center outsourcing that delivers exceptional performance and results for your business, call Sansom Consulting!

Our call center services consultants are available 24/7 to help your business increase sales. Get a quote today to see how our services can benefit your business and increase sales.

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If you are looking for the best inbound call center service provider, look no further than Sansom Consulting. We are dedicated to providing our clients with the highest quality service possible. Thanks for choosing Sansom Consulting!

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