What is live chat support?

Live chat support services are features of help desk software that allow customers to communicate with you through your website.Customers can initiate a chat with a customer care representative for inquiries, problems, or any other form of communication. Live chat offers a convenient option for quick resolution of issues without needing to elevate. When selecting an appropriate help desk solution with an integrated live chat application, the speed of the live chat widget, its capabilities, and extended chat options should be taken into account. The quicker the chat button widget loads, the sooner website visitors can be converted into customers.


Sales Growth


More Leads Captured

The benefits of having a 24-hour call center

With worldwide coverage, even unusual time zones are never an issue.

Allows businesses to concentrate on growing their revenues, knowing that we have their communication needs handled

By turning after-hours and weekends into complementary revenue streams, businesses can maximize their earnings potential.

For starters, customers are always able to reach a friendly, helpful voice – no matter what time of day or night it is

How does live chat work?

Live chat support tools typically appear as a pop-up on your website or in your app. Upon opening the chat window, customers are able to enter their message and send it to the support team. All interactions with the customer take place within the chat window. Live chat software can be a great asset for website operators, providing the ability to communicate with visitors in real-time via a live chat widget, as well as the option to schedule messages for times when assistance is unavailable, or when a user visits a certain page.

The agent’s view of the layout is mostly the same as that of the customer, with the exception of additional customer information located in a sidebar. Many live chat tools feature a customizable interface, enabling users to upload brand logos, utilize brand colors, and more. Despite slight variations in interface, most tools operate as expected. Generally, an agent sets their status as “active” to indicate that they are available to provide a response. In the case that there is no live agent available, or someone has been waiting for an extended period of time, chats can be converted into email conversations, depending on the tool being used.

Why do customers like live chat?

Live chat support is equally liked by both customers and businesses due to its speed, efficiency, and affordability. With the use of live chat, customers can receive answers to their inquiries in a timely manner. It is generally accepted that live chat queries should be answered faster than emails and phone calls, although the average response time for live chat queries can differ between businesses and industries. In addition, many companies provide video live chat and other solutions which enable both customers and support agents to quickly and effectively resolve any issues.

Different types of live chat tools

When considering live chat tools, two options are generally available: a stand-alone tool or one that is included as part of a platform. Both options have their advantages and drawbacks. A stand-alone tool has the potential to provide an in-depth analysis of chat, given its singular focus. It may also provide additional features, such as automation or artificial intelligence, which may not be available in other services incorporating chat tools. Utilizing a chat tool that is integrated with another service offers added utility of the platform’s other features. Moreover, depending on the platform, there may be cost savings associated with this option compared to the use of a dedicated chat tool, as chat may be an add-on feature that requires an additional fee. Though an all-in-one support platform may require a slightly higher monthly cost, it is often the more cost-effective option when considering all components.

How to choose the right live chat tool for your business

When selecting a live chat tool for your business, there are several aspects to consider. However, three fundamental questions should be asked in order to make an informed decision:

How to choose the right live chat tool for your business

When selecting a live chat tool for your business, there are several aspects to consider. However, three fundamental questions should be asked in order to make an informed decision:

What do you need?

When considering any new tool, it is beneficial to have a clear understanding of the intended purpose. Whether you are seeking to offer tiered support with chat as a part of the higher-tier plan or to use the tool for both support and sales, it is important to have a vision of your customer engagement needs. Regardless of the intended use, knowledge of the purpose is essential when selecting a tool.

What do you already have?

 It is essential to evaluate the tools you currently have access to in order to avoid unnecessary costs. For instance, if you have help desk software, it is possible that chat functionality is already included in your platform or available as an additional feature.

What is your budget?

When choosing a new tool for a team, cost should always be taken into account. While affordability is an important factor, it is also important to consider the value a product brings in relation to its cost. A more comprehensive product may come at a higher price, but it provides additional value.

Finding the right live chat tool for your team

Looking to provide real-time support? Implementing a chat platform may be a viable option. Careful consideration of your available options is essential when selecting a solution that best fits your team’s needs. With the right approach, a suitable option can be identified. For small businesses looking to provide real-time support for the first time, Sansom Consulting offers a reliable support team with straightforward pricing and usage limits. Our team is renowned for its speed, intelligence, and 24/7 availability. We strive to ensure the best possible experience for our customers.

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