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live chat support services allows customers to communicate with customer service representatives in real time offering them online support service . Instead of speaking with a representative on the phone, visitors on a website can have a live interaction with agents in a chat box within the web page. Live chat provides another option for customers to reach customer support services without speaking directly on the phone. Users have not to wait for an agent to respond to them with live chat. Having a live chat channel means you have a powerful customer service tool at your fingertips.

How do live chat support works on websites

Live chat appears as a friendly “Chat” button splashed upfront on websites. However there is a mechanism behind this chat channel that makes real-time support readily available online.Simple explanation of how chat support works is given here.

Live chat software is actually a tool used to offer real-time support online. It allows the website visitors to get immediate support or information through this handy chat window. Website visitors just type a message inside the live chat session and the business operator types back in. Live chat software is often confused with other messaging services. Also it is not much different from messaging apps on social media. However the difference lies in that you get a reply to your message within seconds which gives it its name as “live” chat.

Now the question is “How is this live chat channel put on your website?” It is as simple as copy-pasting a few lines of code onto your website, running a chat client and setting up your accounts and rules. Next question is “How does this live chat work inside the chat?” There are two sides of this live chat session: how it works for the visitor or customer and how it works for the business chat agent at the other end.

The live chat process starts for customers when they click on the chat button. By clicking this they come to a pre-chat survey where they enter some useful information about the chat session. This can include their name, desired department or their ticket or order number. Filling in this information puts them into a chat queue so that a relevant agent can pick them up. The customer then receives friendly empathetic replies in real time just like a face to face conversation.

On the other side, the live chat session for agents starts when they see a chat request from a client. They check how long a client is waiting to chat. Thus, they ensure the shortest wait times possible for every visitor. During their chat, various help desk features support these agents. Canned responses help in keeping speedy replies. These features aid empathetic support by identifying key terms to track chat mood. Some of these features also allow teamwork, within internal chat and whisper messages that the visitors can’t see.

So, this is how live chat works. In this way the functions of the software are available for you to set to your needs. And it becomes possible for your visitors can start a live chat with you in real time.

Benefits of 24/7 live chat support

Many small businesses are reaping benefits from live chat and are taking that to the next level with 24/7 live chat support.Small businesses add 24/7 live chat support to their websites so that their leads and customers get responses all hours everyday. Live chat allows them to serve potential customers and answer questions without devoting their staff’s time. Live chat serves as a powerful tool and a part of the sales process. Going to 24/7 live chat support uses outsourced chat agents and AI chat bots to communicate with the visitors. For a global business with many international customers, 24/7 live chat is essential. Having an overseas audience you can have spikes in web traffic during off-hours of your time zone. The most exciting part of adding live chat support to websites is the concept of “making money while you sleep”. Although not truly making money but still, the idea of waking up next day to see chat transcripts with warm leads would be really exciting for any businesses.

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