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How To Improve Customer Service in Hotel


The customer experience your hotel provides is the overall impression a customer has of your hotel from start to finish. As Hubspot points out, there are multiple touchpoints that contribute to the customer experience, and these touchpoints span across different departments and functions.

The customer experience is key for businesses in the hospitality industry. Brand loyalty is essential for repeat bookings, and businesses need to fight for customers. If the customer experience is poor, it is likely that potential guests will choose to stay elsewhere. This is due to the fact that poor reviews can discourage others from booking with your hotel.



Customer experience programs are more likely to be successful when feedback is prioritized to improve operations, according to a recent report. To improve the chances of success for customer experience programs, organizations should focus on setting the program up for success.

Any feedback your company receives should be analyzed and acted on promptly to ensure that it is integrated into your company’s operations and business processes. Designing your feedback system so that you can take action while the feedback is being analyzed will allow you to put the findings into practice more effectively. Without taking immediate action, much of the value of the feedback may be lost.



8 tips for Customer Service in Hotel to maximize satisfaction:

Create a strong virtual first impression

Ensure that your venue marketing efforts are focused and impactful to create a great virtual first impression for potential planners and guests. First impressions are crucial in setting the tone for the overall customer experience journey.


Optimize your website.

Ensure your hotel’s website is user-friendly and optimized for search engines. By making your property one of the first options people see online, you’re more likely to increase bookings.


Create a virtual tour.

Virtual tours are an excellent way to showcase your space to potential clients without them ever having to step foot in it. By utilizing virtual tour technology, you can give your clients a realistic and immersive experience of your venue, which will help them to visualize your space and better understand its potential.

Update your imagery

It’s important to keep your property’s imagery up-to-date. Outdated photos can give potential customers the wrong impression of your venue. Use photos on your website and supplier pages to show off recent renovations and highlight your space in action.

Personalize your marketing.

Use marketing that is personalized to the individual. This will show the planner that you understand their needs and that you are ready to make their event great. This involves creating messaging that is specific to the planner, their event type, and their industry.

Make a great first impression.

First impressions matter and your hotel’s staff are key to creating a positive experience for planners. More than half of surveyed planners said that a lack of professionalism among hotel staff is the reason they won’t return. By providing great service, you can ensure that planners will want to do business with you again.

Long check-in lines are a common occurrence when hosting events at your hotel, which is the last thing a planner or attendee wants after traveling. One way to avoid long check-in lines at your hotel is to offer mobile check-in. This will not only help to speed things up, but the fact that it’s a touchless option can also increase safety and hygiene for guests.

Make sure to provide a home-like environment

Make sure your hotel provides a comfortable and home-like environment for all guests. Prioritize creating a welcoming and comfortable atmosphere for the guests staying at your hotel during an event trip.



One simple way to ensure your guests have a great stay is to provide them with branded items like toiletries and snacks. This will not only make sure they have everything they need during their stay, but also increase the likelihood that they’ll take some of these items with them for their next stay at another hotel.

Additionally, don’t forget about technology. For example, The Blackstone in Chicago has installed 50-inch flat-screen entertainment systems in all rooms, allowing guests to take advantage of in-room streaming services.

Create unforgettable experiences.


Differentiate your hotel by creating special experiences that cannot be found elsewhere. Whether it’s through the food you serve, the rooms you offer, or the amenities you provide, make sure your hotel is the one that groups want to come back to time and time again.

Some examples of this are:

  • Innovative food and beverage options, such as custom-themed cocktails and cooking schools.
  • Advanced meeting room technology and digital connectivity.
  • Partnerships with offsite venues.
  • In-house conference services such as A/V providers and destination management companies can often save planners money onsite.

Put yourself in the attendees’ shoes.

Keep your attendees refreshed by stocking the public restrooms with extra supplies. This will ensure that they can freshen up after all-day meetings and events. This might include stocking the public restrooms with extra supplies, such as mouthwash, deodorant, and hand sanitizer.



Event organizers should consider contracting food and beverage vendors that offer healthy options to keep attendees energized. Depending on the budget, organizers should make sure to offer options like fruit-infused water and energy bars.


Use technology to improve customer service.

The technology offerings at your property can greatly impact the customer experience. By offering the right mix of technology solutions, you can make your property stand out from the competition. Here are a few ideas to get you started:


Room block technology is a highly valuable tool for planners, as it allows them to track block pickup and make adjustments without contacting the hotel. This saves your team time and makes life easier for planners.


In-room digital assistants can be trained to respond to requests for room service or reservations for services like massages. Guests simply need to say their name and room number.

Short-term rentals of technology essentials like chargers can offer a better customer experience for planners and attendees who may forget these items when traveling. Having options for the majority of devices can help to avoid stressful situations.

Disney World visitors can take advantage of the hands-free convenience of the MagicBand or MagicCard. These cards use near-field communication and Bluetooth technology to let visitors unlock their hotel rooms, purchase food and merchandise, buy add-ons and more. This technology can make difference when it comes to customer experience.


Deliver the best communication for a better customer experience.

Excellent communication is essential to providing an outstanding hotel customer experience, from the initial RFP process through post-event surveys and follow-up communications.



It is important to stay in touch with the planner. If there is a medical emergency, an unruly guest, or anything else, you need to let the planner know if the guest is part of their group. While your hotel has a response plan for incidents, planners also have their own, and they are usually better equipped to handle the situation.

When planning meetings and events, it is important to ensure that your hotel is taking the necessary precautions for safety. Utilize event diagramming tools to help you adhere to all guidelines, or consider establishing a new health and sanitation program. Whatever measures you take, be sure to communicate them clearly to all participants.

Don’t forget about the future.

Hosting events at your hotel is a great way to get guests to book for leisure, either during their same trip or in the future. While planners and attendees are there for an event, they may not get to enjoy everything your hotel has to offer. By hosting events at your hotel, you are providing guests with an opportunity to experience all that your hotel has to offer.

After your event, reach out to your planner and go over what worked well and any suggestions for improvement. This feedback will be crucial in convincing planners to bring their future meetings and events back to your property. This provides both parties with an opportunity to give and receive feedback. This communication will also give you the opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities.

Another option for gathering feedback is to create a post-event survey for planners to fill out while they’re traveling. The survey should be short, with one to three questions, and focus on areas where you would like to improve. A simple Net Promoter Score-type survey or an emoji-based survey that signifies feelings instead of number ratings, are both options that can help you collect the feedback you need.

There are always ways to improve customer service in your hotel, no matter where you are or what your budget is. Keep these points in mind as you hire, train, and empower your customer service employees. If you have an amazing staff, come up with innovative ways to give your customers an experience that can only be had at your location. From grand gestures to small details, you will be sure to find new and interesting ways to provide the best hotel customer service experience!

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